Tea Humidor Essence
Tea Humidor Essence

Tea Humidor Essence

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iLOLA Essence climatizes the humidor to the optimal humidity; both aging the tea and enhancing its flavour profile. Your Tea Discs will continue to get better with time.

To be used with the iLOLA Tea Humidor.


Twist and remove diffuser from humidor tube. 

Add 3-5 drops of iLOLA Essence into diffuser holes to saturate system. 

Twist diffuser into humidor tube, ensuring closure is tightly secured.

Let humidor sit for 24 hours, allowing iLOLA Essence to diffuse throughout and regulate humidity level between 50-70%. 

Twist and remove hygrometer to insert iLOLA Tea Discs into humidor tube. 

Replace hygrometer securely into humidor tube. 

Store iLOLA Tea Discs enclosed in humidor until your next cup of tea.




Once a month, add 2 drops of iLOLA Essence to diffuser. If opening humidor regularly, humidity level changes due to external exposure; potentially requiring additional iLOLA Essence. 

Do not exceed adding iLOLA Essence more than once a week. 

Should humidity fall below 50%, add 2 drops of iLOLA Essence to diffuser holes. 

Should humidity exceed 70%, keep humidor tube open for 2-3 hours in a dry area, allowing humidity to decrease.


  • One iLOLA Tea Humidor Essence



Wipe with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use soap. Do not use water. 

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct heat or extreme temperatures.


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Return Policy

At iLOLA we believe every moment matters. Tea should be the excellent experience that you deserve. Life is too short for mediocre experiences. We believe in experiences so much that we will accept not only our tea….but any tea that you have purchased from anywhere that you are not happy with. We will journey with you and create personalized iLOLA tea discs that we will send to you free of charge.

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A credit will be deposited into your iLOLA account. Simply choose your favourite Tea Discs, log into your account and use your credit to purchase the tea that you loved.

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Ultimate Luxury

iLOLA's Caddy has been designed to carry your Tea Discs discreetly in your bag or satchel. A perfect travel companion

Meticulously molded with Aluminum Alloy and carefully fitted with an inter-changeable humidifier, your caddy is designed to keep your favourite Tea in it's best condition.

Aged to perfection

What if your Tea got better with time.

Discover your moment

In the Heart of every moment, there's a magic hour.

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Why We made the tea disc?

1. To make loose leaf tea simple to use. Loose leaf tea tastes better than instant or tea bags, but often we fall at the first hurdle, how much to add.

We wanted to remove that barrier so more people could discover these amazing experiences with Tea.

2. The Tea disc allows you to take your favourite loose leaf tea with you wherever you go. You don't need to stoop to a Tea bag, you can enjoy better Tea, wherever you are.

Finally as Health and Wellness is important to us we've provided your daily probiotics in each disc.

Luxury Moments

Wherever life takes you.

We believe in luxury moments you deserve. The ability to embrace these moments so they become a treasure.

That's why we designed our products to provide that moment of luxury to any moment.

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Bring Your Tea With You.

The Tea disc brings the luxury of loose leaf tea with you. We have designed a Travel Collection that eases the process of enjoying your favourite loose leaf teas, anywhere.

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Tea Disc Humidor Essentials Set
Tea Disc Humidor Essentials Set
Tea Disc Humidor Essentials Set
Tea Disc Humidor Essentials Set

Tea Disc Humidor Essentials Set

Regular price$147.00

The Tea Humidor collection ages your Tea Discs at the perfect humidity while diffusing iLOLA Essence into each disc. Improve the taste and quality of your tea, over time.