Even Other Tea Brands.

iLOLA's 'Return Anything' Policy

At iLOLA, we believe every moment matters. Tea should be the excellent experience that you deserve.

Life is too short for mediocre experiences.

We believe in experiences so much that we will accept not only our tea….but
that you are not happy with.

We will journey with you and create personalized iLOLA Tea Discs that we will send to you free of charge.
Contact us on this page and we will reach out with all the information that you need to start the 'Return Anything' policy.

Returning Tea Purchased from Anywhere

Please indicate the items and quantities that you purchased and are not happy with.

Provide your first and last name, mailing address, phone number and email address. Free shipping will not be provided for this step. If you have proof of purchase, please include that in your communication. It will be considered for the amount credited to your iLOLA account.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a full credit of your purchase price, however, our goal is to ensure that you have an exceptional tea experience moving forward.

We will send you a short survey to help us create 3 personalized iLOLA Tea Discs for you to sample. Only 1 shipment with 3 flavours can be sent out at this time. We will ship the 3 samples in one package to you at no charge.

A credit will be deposited into your iLOLA account. Simply choose your
favourite Tea Discs, log into your account and use your credit to purchase the tea that you loved.

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Missing or Damaged Products

If your item is missing or damaged, please reach out to so we can immediately rectify this issue.

Return Address

Our Head Office and Research & Development is located at the following address:

iLOLA Headquarters
6901 72nd Street
Unit 215
Delta, BC, Canada
V4G 0A2


No, your return will be in the form of a credited discount towards the Tea Discs of your choice, after receiving your 3 free samples at no charge.

These samples are shipped in one package after you filled out a short survey. The survey must be completed for us to create these personalized Tea Discs for you.

We understand that you may have a few teas in your cupboard, and we are grateful for the chance to offer you a new experience. At this point, we offer 1 credit per address and per name for tea not made by iLOLA. Amount to be
credited will be determined by our customer service team and ranges from 20%-80% of the current sale/purchase price.
We are a small, family business seeking to offer you an exceptional tea experience and all we ask is that you treat us fairly in return.

We generally credit any tea, from any company. We seek to give you an experience you deserve; where others have failed, we love to rise to the occasion.

We do our best to take care of our customers. There are no time limits on returns if you have purchased a Tea Disc Humidor with your Tea Discs to facilitate the ageing process. However, from time to time, we may not be able to accept a return so please communicate with our Support Team at to ensure that your purchase is eligible.

At this point, we only accept returns of iLOLA Tea Accessories. While we have no time limit on our returns, we do ask that you treat us fairly. Every return is assessed fairly by our Support Team and will align with our Brand Mission Statement and Values.

We are proudly made in Canada and the United States, therefore, at this time we only ship within these two countries.

Contact our Support Team at Send us a photo of the products that you purchased and tell us why you are not happy with it. Fill out our survey to help you find the perfect tea for you and you will still get a discount code on your iLOLA purchase.
You deserve only the best experiences and we will strive to give that to you. Free samples will not be shipped if we did not receive your old tea, however, a credit will be added to your iLOLA account.

Due to our liberal return philosophy, we have an internal auditing
procedure that gives us the ability to monitor and keep accurate records of all returns and credits.