Frequently Asked Questions

iLOLA Tea Discs

What are iLOLA Tea Discs?

iLOLA Tea Discs is a newly patented process of enjoying tea.  Designed to take remove one step of decisions - how much tea do I use.  Simply add one disc per cup or small Tea-pot or 2 per Tea Pot.

Filled with your daily probiotics, these tea discs are designed to help you focus on the experience, the moments; to enjoy a luxury Tea experience wherever you are.

Designed to bring the luxury of loose leaf tea with the convenience of travel.
Allowing you to enjoy your moments, wherever life takes you.

1. Prepare water for steeping.
2. Place your tea infuser inside our teacup.

3. Add your warmed water to your teacup or teapot, fill half way.
4. Gently place your iLOLA Tea Disc inside the infuser. Slowly pour water over the Tea Disc and allow the natural flavours and benefits to steep and flourish.

5. Wait 2-5mins, depending on tea disc being prepared.
6. Remove the infuser and sip.

See the video from our Co-Founder and designer of the tea discs on how to use your Tea Disc.

How to use the Tea Disc

Watch our Co-Founder and designer of the Tea Disc explain how to use the Tea Disc.

Watch the Video
Are Temperatures Important?

To bring the full flavours into your beverage bringing your warmed water to the correct temperature is important.

However, if you don't want to buy a kettle that controls the temperature or don't want to spend the time waiting for the water to cool, just add some cold water in your cup first, it will bring the temperature down.

What is important is enjoy your tea, particularly the experience, whether on your own, with a close friend or entertaining.

If you do want to know what temperatures to use, please use the guide on the side:

We source every essential ingredient from premium regions around the world. While some countries have organic certification systems in place, others have more complex procedures. Not all farmers have the ability or resources to qualify as certified organic, even if their farming meets the standards. As we strive to support sustainable farming, we will always choose the highest caliber ingredients from viable sources.

We promise you that all our ingredients are non-GMO, pesticide-free and never tested on animals.

Sustainability and quality are important to us, which is why we promise transparency and traceability with all our ingredients. 

We source our ingredients locally when possible, and internationally when necessary. To ensure we can bring you the highest quality products, we choose regions who cultivate premium ingredients native to their environment. 

While all our Tea Discs are handcrafted with premium ingredients, some of our Tea Discs contain natural flavouring. Derived from quality ingredients, the natural flavouring is added to enhance the symphony of flavours soon to be swirling in your cup.

To keep your iLOLA Tea Discs fresh, conceal your Tea Discs in a cool, dry and dark container. We recommend using the iLOLA Tea Caddy for optimal preservation (and a touch of elegance for your tea station).

How Long do Tea Discs stay fresh?

To ensure the most delicious cup of luxury tea, consume Tea Discs infused with fruits and nuts within 6 months from the date of purchase.

Straight Tea Discs will remain fresh for 12 months from the date of purchase.

See below for more information on ageing or keeping your tea fresh longer.

While our tea discs do not expire, they can lose freshness over time.

iLOLA Tea Humidor

iLOLA Aged Tea Discs

What if your tea aged to become better, more complex and intricate over time?


Tea, in normal conditions will become old and stale within 2 years.  As most tea sits within warehouses at source, in logistic warehouses and on shelves waiting to be purchased, the estimated time left for most teas is <6months from purchase.


Optimal humidity level for the iLOLA Tea Humidor is between 50-70%.

Should humidity fall below 50%, add 2 drops of iLOLA Essence to diffuser holes. 

Should humidity exceed 70%, keep humidor tube open for 2-3 hours in a dry area, allowing humidity to decrease.

Once a month, add 2 drops of iLOLA Essence to diffuser. If opening humidor regularly, humidity level changes due to external exposure; potentially requiring additional iLOLA Essence. 

Do not exceed adding iLOLA Essence more than once a week.

iLOLA Humidor - Age to perfection

iLOLA's Tea Humidor has been designed to protect your Tea. Creating the ideal humidity, removing light and air, create the perfect conditions to age your tea.

This allows your Tea to mature in flavours and age over time without the risk of drying out and going stale.

Do I only use the Humidor Essence on that specific flavour of Tea?

We created an iLOLA Essence specifically for each flavour of tea that we offer, to allow for optimal enhancement of your tea. Mixing Essence with different tea flavours is not recommended.