Tea Disc Humidor

What if your Tea Aged to become better with time?

Tea Disc Humidor Collection

    Experience a tea that becomes better, more complex, and intricate over time. Aged to perfection.


    Tea Humidor

    iLOLA Tea Discs have been designed to age. iLOLA Humidor houses the perfect conditions to age your tea discs.

    Fighting against Old Tea that loses flavor; resembles dust and steals your moments.

    iLOLA Tea discs housed in the iLOLA humidor will get better with time. Improving flavour profiles and giving you the moments you deserve, when you choose.

    Tea Humidor
    Tea Disc

    We designed and patented the Tea Disc for two main reasons.

    1. To make loose leaf tea simple to use. Loose leaf tea tastes better than instant or tea bags, but often we fall at the first hurdle, how much to add. We wanted to remove that barrier so more people could discover these amazing experiences with Tea.

    2. The Tea disc allows you to take your favourite loose leaf tea with you wherever you go. You don't need to stoop to a Tea bag, you can enjoy better Tea, wherever you are.

    Finally as Health and Wellness is important to us we've provided your daily probiotics in each disc.

    moments you deserve

    Why age Tea?

    Ageing your tea in the right environment, controlling air, light and humidity allows your Teas to mature in flavour.

    iLOLA Tea Discs have been designed to continue absorbing flavors and developing their flavor profile as they age, seeing more mature, defined notes - particularly between 5 and 10 years of ageing.

    It also maintains it's quality from the day you purchased.