How To Prepare The Perfect Cup With iLOLA Tea Discs

How To Prepare The Perfect Cup With iLOLA Tea Discs

How To Prepare The Perfect Cup With iLOLA Tea Discs 

You receive your first iLOLA Wellness Box, abundant in artful innovations and timeless luxury accessories. Sophisticated aromas from natural, premium ingredients pirouette in the air; lavender, peppermint, chamomile galore! You feel inspired and motivated to commence your wellness journey.

As you open your box, you notice a collection of 12 curious discs. This captures your interest. Each Tea Disc is layered with the intricacies of timeless herbs and beautiful flower petals. Infused with meticulously chosen ingredients and your daily dose of probiotics, say hello to your newest Holy Grail wellness essential: iLOLA Tea Discs. You pick up the Tea Discs in a choreography of wonder.

Bold and beautiful, the Tea by iLOLA collection has been handcrafted by master tea sommeliers steeped in generations of wisdom. The team at iLOLA has redefined the taste of elegance with their proprietary blend of probiotics formulated to withstand the temperature of your tea, with the added support of sustainably sourced, organic, premium ingredients.

Committed to enriching your wellness rituals and helping you grow strong, one exquisite sip at a time. 

As each iLOLA Tea Disc has its own nuances and characteristics, Su-Mari Hill, integral innovator of these patented tea discs, gave me some iLOLA Insider tips on how to prepare the perfect cup.

First, prepare water for steeping. Ensure water is cold, low in minerals, and filtered. Place your tea infuser inside your teacup or teapot. Once the water has reached the perfect temperature, pour a small amount into your teacup or teapot until you reach the halfway mark. Gently place your iLOLA Tea Disc inside the infuser. Slowly pour water over the tea disc and allow the natural flavours and benefits to steep and flourish. Remove the infuser and sip on sophistication.

Refer to iLOLA tea chart for the perfect steep.

Revolutionize your tea drinking experience and wellness routine in style. Unlock your iLOLA Tea Disc and watch as it swirls gracefully within your cup, creating serendipitous moments with every sip. Wrap your hands around the warm or chilled cup and allow the essence of your tea to sweep you away. Embrace your moment.

Embrace the luxuries of inner strength and beauty as you embark on your wellness journey. 

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